10 Best Plants For Betta Fish for Your Aquarium

Discover 10 best betta fish tank plants that will bring life into your aquarium! Learn about Java ferns, Java mosses, Amazon Swords & more.

10 Best Plants For Betta Fish for Your Aquarium

The 10 best betta fish plants for your aquarium are Java fern, Java moss, Amazon Sword, Marimo moss balls, Wisteria, Pennywort, Aquatic elf, Anubias nana, Banana plant and Anacharis. Each of these plants has its own unique characteristics that make it an ideal choice for a betta fish tank. Java fern is one of the most popular plants in aquariums due to its long, thick leaves and low maintenance care. It can breathe life into your aquarium without the need to add additional artificial plastic plants and is exceptionally flexible, allowing pet owners to organize the plant in multiple ways.

Its easy maintenance makes it a fairly accessible plant for first-time owners of Betta fish. This Java moss can thrive in small installations and requires relatively minimal light. Juvenile Java moss usually breaks off from its parent and tends to float and eventually sticks to a rock or substrate. Therefore, you can divide the mother plant to spread it into several pieces of moss.Amazon Sword is an ideal choice and stands as the favorite plant of many betta owners.

These fluid plants provide a healthy view of the betta's natural habitat. Its fairly large leaves protrude from the substrate, allowing your bettas to hide in a cozy place. In addition to acting as a lush hiding place, these Amazonian swords provide additional privacy. However, make sure that your tank is large enough to accommodate the size of this plant, as it grows a considerable amount.Marimo moss balls can surely add a unique touch to your Betta aquarium without having to invest in a lot of decorative items.

You can use these green algae balls in multiple ways, giving this plant additional numbers for added versatility. These Marimo moss balls efficiently absorb nitrates, ammonia and other harmful phosphates for a cleaner and healthier aquatic biosphere. These moss balls require low to moderate light to thrive at their fullest. Finally, be sure to follow a rinse-and-wash program to keep them green and healthy.

Therefore, Marimo moss balls will provide your bettas with the stimulation they need so much without damaging them during the game.Wisteria is a low-maintenance plant that people can root in the bottom or on the sides of their tank. Many aquarists love the easy maintenance of the plant, as it bathes the tank with much-needed vegetation. Another feature of wisteria is its resistant nature; the plant does not require any attention. We recommend paying close attention to their growth.We recommend planting Pennywort in your fish tanks to add fuller and richer aquatic life.

Many members of the aquatic landscaping community turn on their creativity to use this plant in multiple ways. If you plant Pennywort in your aquarium, pay attention to the surface and leave plenty of space for bettas to access the surface and air in search of oxygen. The level of maintenance is easy and minimal, with its ability to thrive under, on and above water.The aquatic elf is a thick, bushy plant that will add beautiful complexity to your Betta fish tank. Its spreading leaves and stems provide an ideal environment and atmosphere for bettas to live and sleep.Anubias nana is a great plant that will surely be your default green element in all your future aquarium configurations.

The vibrant green color of the plant instantly brings life to any empty fish tank. Anubias nana requires very little light and space to grow and thrive in your Betta fish tank, and owners don't have to spend a lot of time caring for them.The banana plant is a fascinating plant to invest in your Betta fish tank. As the name suggests, the roots of the plants are shaped like bananas that hold the rest of the plant. We highly recommend the banana plant if you want to add a unique element without cluttering the tank with thick, bushy plants.Certain plant species, such as Amazon Sword or Horned Grass below, can grow very quickly.

Always monitor the growth of living plants to allow ample space for swimming and feeding, and the ability to come to the surface in search of oxygen without undue effort.The Amazon Sword is easy to grow and maintain. They are considered a staple food in many fish tanks and betta aquariums because of their beauty and strength. Although there are dozens of varieties of Amazon Sword plants, in most pet stores they are all sold under the same name. Amazon Swords are incredibly easy to care for and work best in larger tanks, where they will have more room to grow.The plant is fine for smaller tanks but it will need to be pruned to prevent it from taking over the tank.

They need limited amounts of light. Left alone, Amazon Swords can grow up to 12 inches tall but can grow up twice that height under the right conditions.A soil substrate (3-4 inches) is recommended; however it is possible to bury the roots under aquarium gravel. Like Amazon Sword, Anacharis are great aquarium plants for beginners and are incredibly easy to maintain since they don't actually have roots or foot structure; they can be left floating or anchored in place in the tank.Anacharis also does not require special fertilizers or soils; it thrives well in low light conditions and spreads very easily when you tear off a duct. It is best planted in groups as it helps prevent accumulation of green algae by secreting a chemical substance that stops their spread; it also removes ammonia from water due its rapid growth rate which helps oxygenate water in tank.

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